Mindful Frontiers LLC

Vipassana (Insight) meditation and mindfulness instruction, classes, coaching, workshops, labyrinth walks, and school classroom programs.

Our mission is to welcome a mindful future by sharing mindful meditation with children, families, individuals, schools, and communities.

Mindful meditation is something anyone can do with guidance and practice.

Tapping into a personal meditation practice spanning over two decades, and with experience teaching mindfulness to students in classrooms, Mindful Frontiers believes meditation is accessible to everyone to build a mindful future.

Classes & Meditation Practice

Mindful Frontiers offers online classes and practice sessions to which all levels are welcome. Guidance is available through podcasts and videos as well as live streaming.

Online programs are also available by subscription to families interested in creating and establishing a regular meditation routine.

Mindful Frontiers would like help you find the confidence you need to embrace meditation as a life-long practice.

Community Supports & Trainings

Mindful Frontiers also offers services geared to empowering educators, students, adults and families in the current and collective moment. We can help you welcome a mindful future by teaching you how to organize, create, and navigate your online and distance-learning community.

Mindful Frontiers introduction video
The current and collective moment requires flexibility, creativity and mindfulness.

About Mindful Frontiers

Founding creator and teacher, Anne-Marie Emanuelli, has over two decades of experience practicing mindful meditation. She has been teaching meditation since 2016.

For more details, credentials and experience, see the “about” page.

P.O. Box 828
El Prado, NM 87529

Meditation can be practiced anywhere.

Anne-Marie is meditating on a frozen lake in Colorado during a family vacation.

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