An invitation to explore and seek wisdom for a mindful future. These resources have been helpful to my practice..

Apps that support my meditation practice.

Meditation teachers and centers:

Additional meditation resources and links

  • Arthur Zajonc – Mind and Life Institute
  • Parker J Palmer – author – Center for Courage and Renewal
  • Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute and Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM. Heart of Teaching workshops, dharma talks, retreats, etc.
  • People I’ve spoken with or know: Erin Woo (Mindfulness in Schools Program Development) Lynn Koerbel (Assistant Director, MBSR Teacher Education & Curricula Development) at Brown University Mindfulness Center
  • “Say What You Mean” a mindful approach to nonviolent communication by Oren Jay Sofer is a fantastic read that I acquired after taking his Mindful Communication course at MindfulSchools.
  • Christopher Willard video on Mindfulness and teenage stress: Growing Up Stressed I showed this video to my English Language Arts classes and then students reflected and wrote about what they learned.