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Mindful Frontiers LLC, located in Taos, New Mexico, USA, offers services geared to empowering educators, students, adults and families to grow personally and professionally through creativity and present moment awareness. We can help welcome a mindful future by teaching how to navigate an online and distance-learning educational community.

Education support is a mindful frontier teachers and educators can embrace with courage.

Education support

Teachers need special skills during this time in our new world paradigm. Educators are being asked to stretch their comfort zone and find ways to reach students online and virtually. Anne-Marie Emanuelli is an experienced online and distance-learning teacher who offers schools and individual teachers and families support with navigating the transition to distance learning.

Student support is a mindful frontier for youth engaged in online educational learning.

Student support

During this unique time in our global community, students are being asked to learn virtually. Distance learning is new to many K-12 students and their families. Anne-Marie Emanuelli is a retired educator with many years of experience with online and distance-learning. If your family is feeling vulnerable and confused with the new frontier of online learning, we can help.

Technology as a tool for your mindful frontier.

Technology support

With technology becoming more and more prominent in our global community of learning and working, everyone is learning to be comfortable with the computer as a professional and educational tool. Technology does not substitute for one-on-one communication yet it is becoming the tool of choice at this point in our global community’s transition to a new paradigm. Vulnerability is strength and learning a new skill is key to feeling comfortable in the frontier of digital community.