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Life is a journey of struggle and blessings

This poem was written for my mother over the span of many years; first as my Valentine’s Day gift in 2001 and culminating with the last couple stanzas for her funeral in 2010. It explains a journey of struggles and blessings and what her life taught me along the way.

Do What You Love, Share Openly and Abundance Will Follow

Openly sharing my passion for mindfulness led to unexpected abundance and friendship. Sometimes abundance comes from just doing what you love and being wholeheartedly open. This is the lesson I learned last year after an unexpected encounter led to a generous donation to my meditation center. Living in northern New Mexico is an enchanting lifestyle … Continue reading Do What You Love, Share Openly and Abundance Will Follow

Anne-Marie Emanuelli, Creative Director at Mindful Frontiers, has teamed up with be. meditation to teach two weekly 30-mn Gratitude Meditation classes. Sunday and Monday 6:00pm PST; 7:00pm MST; 9:00pm EST. Start your subscription at be. with a month of unlimited classes for $20 with promo code FRIENDS20.

Pandemic Fatigue? Transformation, a New Lifestyle and Raised Consciousness are Within Reach

Published on Thrive Global 2/21/21 – Over the past year of social distancing, remote work and reconnecting with home, the practices that have improved my wellbeing are mindful meditation, physical exercise, and equanimity.

Mindful Meditation Brings Hope in Times of Uncertainty

Published on Thrive Global 3/3/21 – Contemplative and reflective practices are ways to welcome hope back into our life. Mindful meditation guides us in navigating difficult experiences with calm introspection and balanced outward equanimity. Whether you’ve tried once and couldn’t sit still or you used to meditate and let the practice go, now is a wonderful opportunity to bring hope into our uncertain world. Start here and now; one breath at a time.

Equanimity: A Mindfulness Practice for the Pandemic-Weary

Published on Thrive Global 2/21/21 – Equanimity is a well-being practice that brings mental calmness, and composure, especially in difficult situations.

Meditation Practices for Active Minds and Busy Lifestyles

Published on Thrive Global 2/21/21 – Mindful meditation is an insight practice in which a focus anchor is used: the breath, sounds, body, walking can all be used for present-moment awareness. Basically, that’s what mindful meditation is: bringing full attention to one thing in the present moment. By doing so repeatedly and routinely, the body and mind learn to relax and settle into the moment. We call meditation a practice because it takes repetition and commitment. Just because someone “tried it once” and couldn’t settle their mind isn’t a reason to give up. Like any healthy habit, we have to practice to achieve mastery.

Mindful Meditation Can Reconnect Families

A pre-bedtime meditation routine for families is a beautiful way to finish off the day.

Published on Thrive Global 2/21/21 – A fun and effective pre-bedtime meditation is the “Body Scan”. Children of any age can practice the following body scans. It would be helpful at first for the parent to provide guidance until such a time when the child is confident enough to do the guidance for the group or silently for themself.

Anne-Marie Emanuelli of Mindful Frontiers: “Reach out to young people”

Published on 2/16/21 – Reach out to young people. Youth are struggling during this uncertain time a lot more than adults realize. Children, teenagers and young adults have minds that are developing; being isolated from their peers and community is taking a significant toll on their mental health. (Read more)

Meditating Together as a Family Welcomes a Mindful Future.

Published on Authority Magazine, 2/13/21 – Mindful Frontiers’ mission is to welcome a mindful future; one child, family, adult, community; and one present-moment at a time. Bringing mindful meditation into a family’ routine is one way to welcome a mindful future. I believe this would transform our world into a kinder, more compassionate, and accepting existence.

Mindful Monday Moments was a live online class at Twirl Taos for 3-6 and 7-10 year olds. Anne-Marie Emanuelli taught mindfulness and yoga weekly from October 2020 through January 2021. There’s an archive of her classes on Twirl’s YouTube channel. Each 15-minute class features mindfulness and yoga. The mindful monkeys, Milo and Mira, helped out from time to time.

How Each Of Us Can Leverage The Power Of Gratitude To Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness – published 2/8/21 in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

How To Develop Mindfulness During Stressful Or Uncertain Timespublished 2/4/21 in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

Taos News article entitled “Feeling Stressed?”. Mindful meditation and other tools for living through uncertain times. Published 1/28/21 on page C-2

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As seen recently on Zoom: Los Alamos Library Conversations. “Welcoming a Mindful Future” presentation by Anne-Marie Emanuelli. Live on 1/21/21

Beginning Meditation Practice: A beginning meditation guided practice (16 minutes) for anyone interested in starting a meditation practice or to boost a current practice. Include sitting posture tips, breathing awareness, wandering mind guidance and much more.

Relaxing Body Scan Meditation: a 15-minute body scan practice. The intention is to introduce to the novice meditator the benefits of relaxation that come from awareness on the body through concentrated focus and mindfulness of sensations.

More videos on Mindful Frontiers Youtube channel

Join the Mindful Frontiers community for a live meditation gathering to “(de)Light” in the Moon giving birth to the Sun (as pagan lore believes). Anne-Marie Emanuelli, founder and creative director will lead an introspective meditation using guided breath awareness, poetry and silence. Light a candle or two and a sit in your quiet space. Replay available on Youtube.

Mindful Frontiers contributed to an article on meditation and sleep on Mattress Clarity blog. Will Meditating Help You Sleep? 12/17/20

Mindful Frontiers was guest teacher at Taos Academy, Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Anne-Marie lead the students in a RAIN meditation practice from by Tara Brach.

Anne-Marie shares mindfulness and yoga with children 3-6 and 7-10 year old on Twirl Taos’ Facebook live classes. Join her every Monday for Mindful Moments. 11:00 and 11:30 am US (MST)

Recipe for Wellness: Mindfulness in the Classroom is a pilot project offered to local public and charter school classrooms.

Anne-Marie Emanuelli of Mindful Frontiers: Getting An Upgrade; How Anyone Can Build Habits For Optimal Wellness, Performance, & Focus – (11/17/20) Read the entire article here.

Recently quoted in a blog article entitled, “A Day in the Life of a COVID Teacher.

(11/16/20) Read entire article here