Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Creative Director & Founder

My spirituality and meditation experience has grown to encompass many philosophies and practices as well as ways of nurturing inner calm.

Life’s experiences have taught me resilience and faith, while exposure to different cultures expanded my understanding of spirituality and the sacredness of life and Nature.

I am here to learn and expand with you.

As a retired educator with over 25 years classroom and 15 years distance learning experience, I have on-the-job knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create and deliver engaging and creative online curriculum. I’d like to share these experiences with educators and schools needing group and one-on-one training.

Meditation Experience, Retreats/Courses & Credentials: 

  • Sage Institute 200-hr meditation leader certification (2021)
  • MBSR 8-week course completion through MBSR certified instructor, Caroline Orcutt
  • MindfulSchools.org certificates in Mindful Meditation Fundamentals & Curriculum, Mindful Communication and Working with Emotions (2016-2019)
  • NMPED licensed level 3A secondary (grades 6-12) classroom teacher
  • Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute team teacher since 2021
  • Mindfulness classroom teacher since 2016
  • Meditation hermitage solo retreats at Lama Foundation annually starting in 2008
  • Mindful New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference presenter (2018)
  • Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center (VMRC) 5-day silent meditation retreats (2016, 2018 and into the future)
  • Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI) Heart of Teaching day-long retreats for educators at Mountain Cloud Zen Center (2016-2019 & ongoing)
  • Oren Jay Sofer Mindful Communications 8-week program (2019 & 2021)
  • VMRC online meditation retreats: Awake in the Wild and Cultivate Inner Compassion (2020)
  • Oren Jay Sofer Wise Speech courses hosted by Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (2020)

Mindful Frontiers is located in Arroyo Hondo, Northern New Mexico, in area that was historically inhabited and stewarded by several Native American tribes: Taos Pueblo, Ute & Jicarilla Apache. This is according to Native Lands, a Canadian organization dedicated to educating the public on indigenous issues. You may find out about your location by going to their map and putting in your location in the search are.

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