New Year – New job – New experiences


At the end of the semester, a couple teachers announced they were leaving half-year. As I listened to this announcement, a thought came to mind. Since I am retiring at the end of the school year and a new teacher will need to be hired to replace me, AND these two staff members are leaving mid-year, should I tell my administrators that I’m retiring? The message I received from Source was, “yes, let them know that you’re leaving and maybe there’s a new job in this for you”. So, I told my instructional director and offered myself to a new position if my talents and skills could be of better use elsewhere than in the classroom and/or if I could help train my replacement. She already knew that the group of 9th graders had been challenging me and that I am not really happy teaching them.

So, here I am in a new position: District Testing Coordinator. Completely different from online curriculum adviser and English Language Arts classroom teacher. I’m learning a whole new set of duties and skill-set. So far, in the first month, I have attended several online webinars, learned new vocabulary, collaborated with a staff I was not directly involved with before and joined the Leadership Team for weekly meetings. I’m well suited to this new position with strong organizational skills, attention to detail, technical knowledge, leadership skills. I CAN do this!

… And there’s a possibility that I could do the DTC job next year on an individual contract and work mostly from home. If I could do this along with my family meditation project and teaching a class or two at the community college, I would come out way ahead income-wise. I’m sending out energy towards this for sure.

Chapter 5 is looking like this:

  • Family meditation group: $400 / month
  • Teaching at UNM-Taos: $2000-$4000 / semester = $500-$1000 / month for 8 months)
  • DTC contract: $5000 / semester = $900 / month
  •  Creativity projects sales on Etsy and eBay: $300 / month

May It Be So!

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