Sage Meditation Leader Program

Deepen your meditation practice or obtain credentials to teach meditation – See Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness page for more info on this well-rounded and complete 200-hour medtation leader program from which I am grateful to be a 2021 graduate.

Spotlight on Sage Graduates: Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Honored to be featured on Sage Institute’s graduate page

Anne-Marie Emanuelli is a 2021 graduate of the Sage Meditation Leader Program. She believes that mindful meditation is a holistic practice beneficial to human consciousness & personal growth. Her philosophy of wholehearted living includes the tenets that humans can learn from Nature, and that we are forever expanding our capacity for compassion and knowledge.

With a personal practice spanning over 20 years, Anne-Marie has been teaching mindfulness to children since 2016. Her credentials come from Mindful Schools and Sage Institute as well as an 8-week course in MBSR. She deepens her regular personal practice with silent & guided meditation retreats. Having retired from full-time classroom teaching in July 2020, she created Mindful Frontiers, an education-based meditation center in Taos, NM.

Mindful Frontiers welcomes a mindful future — one child, family, adult, educator, community —one present moment at a time. Anne-Marie teaches mindful meditation through Mindful Frontiers, Be Meditation and privately.


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