What about this idea?



In the middle of getting a rejuvenating massage today, an idea was brought to my attention. How about an office/home-based mindfulness/meditation center to reach like-minded families?

  • home-schooled children or a playgroup of families could offer gatherings on mindfulness.
  • youth and family group workshops through an existing organization or wellness center.
  • one-on-one mindfulness lessons to families in their home or in an office
  • homework tutoring that included a mindfulness check-in/focus practice
  • webinar/online mindfulness course for families with young students
  • membership card/punch card for weekly mindfulness sessions at a location in-town such as a massage or health center.
  • school clubs or departments to offer a mindfulness-based stress reduction class/session for their members.
  • civic organizations contract with me to offer an MBSR session to their members

This could be either instead of or in addition to offering mindfulness classes and training to local schools.

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