Mindful Frontiers & the garden of abundance.

person holding a green plant


By teaching young children the benefits of present-moment awareness, we build a mindful future for families and community. 

Today is the start of Chapter 5: Mindful Frontiers. I’ve been dreaming of this day for a while now. The seed (idea) was formed several years ago while teaching mindfulness awareness in my classrooms. As the seed sprouted, and the dream grew, I practiced and perfected the skill of teaching/sharing mindfulness with others, both in and out of the classroom. The seed (idea) became a plant (reality) and the flower (potential) blossomed into a dream, ready to proliferate more seeds into gardens of abundance. With retiring from full-time public school teaching, the dream has come to fruition (flower is now a fruit, ready to spread seeds far and wide).

The goal is to offer mindful meditation teaching to local families with young children (5-10 years old). The proliferation of further seeds will grow abundantly the skill of present-moment awareness as stress reduction skills that can be nurtured within families. How this will enfold and come to fruition is in Universe’s hands.

Gardens of abundance:

  • Weekly meditation sits with families in a local venue such as TaoSatva.
  • Receive a grant to spread this practice to families who are not able to pay for the classes.
  • Sage Institute of Taos would be the “umbrella” non-profit to house the grant funds.
  • As Mindful Frontiers family meditation classes grow, the next step would be to expand into elementary school classrooms: phase 1 would be 3 classrooms; phase 2: expand to a couple schools x 3 classrooms each; phase 3: hire additional teachers to expand into more schools and classrooms.


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