Families Meditate Together Column

The monthly newspaper column in The Taos News publishes on the second Thursday of the month. The purpose of this Families Meditate Together column is to encourage families to explore the benefits of bringing mindfulness and meditation into their daily routine. Each column will focus on a topic of teaching, followed by a practice, which can be done at home or during a regular day of activities.

Welcoming a Mindful New Year: Bringing Meditation into Your Family’s Routine.

published January 13, 2022


Meditation brings joy and kindness to family celebrations

Published December 9, 2021


Small hearts can hold lots of gratitude: Mindful eating practice for families

published November 11, 2021


Moods change like the weather: A gratitude practice for families

published October 14, 2021


Slowly, slowly: Movement meditation brings mindfulness into daily activities

published September 9, 2021


Make mindfulness part of your child’s daily routine

published August 19, 2021


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